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Online dating sites such as Mature Dating are a great way to meet new people, but like any other you should be careful about who you meet and what information you give them. In the offline dating world it is common to be introduced by friends or work colleagues, and online dating doesn't provide that layer of pre-checking. However it more than makes up for it in the ease with which you can meet a wide variety of people online, provided you take a few simple precautions.


Don't put too much personal information in your profile

While it's important that your profile page gives a good impression, don't post personal information like your full name, phone number or email address. You should keep control over when prospective dates get this information.


Use an email address which doesn't identify you personally

A free Gmail or Hotmail address is a good idea. Don't use your work address, especially if it's something like – that's way too much information to give someone before you meet them. Better still, until you've actually met the person and know you like them, don't give them an email address at all – keep communication limited to the messaging system within the dating site.


Only give them your mobile number

Don't give someone your home phone number until you're sure that you want to see them again. It's too easy to find an address from a home number.


Arrange to meet in a public place

Arrange to meet in public, and stay in public for the duration of your first date. If you're going out to dinner, meet at the restaurant. Don't accept your date's offer to pick you up from home. It's probably a good idea to go home separately at the end of the date as well, unless you're absolutely sure you want to continue the relationship.


Don't leave your possessions or your drink unattended

If you leave your purse or mobile phone unattended they could get stolen, or a drink could be spiked. It's best to keep an eye on your drink and your possessions on the first date.


Don't get drunk

Drink alcohol in moderation or not at all. Don't allow youurself to get so drunk that your judgement is impaired and you may end up doing something you're not comfortable with.


Let someone know where you're going

Tell a friend where you're going, and stick to it. Don't agree to go somewhere else without letting them know.


While these precautions may seem a bit paranoid they are important. Anyone who's genuinely interested in you won't be offended by you being a bit cautious.


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